Eight Steps Into Christ Consciousness

“We recognize and embrace change in our church and the lives of our community as we keep our focus on the prosperity of the Christ Spirit within each one of us”    – Board of Directors Church Goal Affirmation

#1: I SURRENDER: I surrender my will and my life to God. My mind and heart are open so that Divine Will may be done through me.

#2: I BELIEVE: I believe the power of God in, through, and as me is changing my life, and I align myself with that power now.

#3: I AM READY TO BE CHANGED: I realize that erroneous self-defeating thinking is the cause of my problems, unhappiness, fears, and failures. I am ready to change my beliefs and attitudes in order to transform my life.

#4: I CHOOSE TO BE CHANGED: I choose to entrust my soul, my body, my life and my will into the hands of Spirit so that I may be changed at depth.

#5: I FORGIVE: I forgive myself for all my mistakes and shortcomings. I also forgive all others who I think may have harmed me.

#6: I ASK: I make known my specific requests, asking my partner’s support in knowing that the desires of my heart are always fulfilled in God.

[acknowledge specific positive prayer request]

#7: I GIVE THANKS: I give thanks that the desires of my heart have already been provided. I assume the same feelings I have when my prayers are answered.

#8: I DEDICATE MY LIFE: I now have a covenant in which it is guaranteed that I Am supplied with an abundance of all things necessary to life a successful and happy life. I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to God and those around me: to live in a manner that sets the highest example for others to follow and to remain responsive to God’s guidance. I go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm, excitement, and expectancy.