What To Expect

Unity Church is an open and hospitable community of people who are committed to their spiritual growth and journey.  You may attend services in your jeans or in your best outfit.  Just come as YOU!

After you park your car in the large parking lot, it is just a few steps to the front door of the church. As you step into the church narthex or common area, you will be warmly welcomed by one of our Greeters.

Once inside the church you will find: a comfortable narthex where fellowship and refreshments take place between services, a beautiful sanctuary where empowering services are held and inspiring music is performed, a small bookstore, great rooms and spaces for children of all ages, restrooms, an open and free member library and spacious green outdoor grounds and Meditation Garden.

During the service the Minister will ask new visitors to stand or raise their hand so that we may give them a Welcome Packet.  This gift includes information about Unity, a free Daily Word booklet and a form to present at our bookstore for a free CD of any Sunday Service.  If you prefer not to be acknowledged you do not need to raise your hand or stand up.  You may approach the ushers at any time for a Welcome Packet if you would like one. During two songs – The Lord’s Prayer and the Peace song – most congregants hold hands, however, we realize not everyone is comfortable doing so.  If you do not wish to hold hands, you may choose to sit on the outside end of the aisles thus making it easier for you to say “no thank you.”  Your preference will be gladly honored.

If you have any questions or concerns, simply approach anyone wearing a white name badge.  We are here to serve YOU!

We thank you for being and bringing the blessing that is YOU to our church.  We look forward to whole-heartedly extending a blessing to YOU!