Sunday Talk Titles

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July 5, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

A Journey of the Soul – Bathsheba: Instrument of Elimination

The story of David and Bathsheba represents the process of release that we go through as we ‘repent’ and set our minds on the higher path. Forgiveness is an important part of this process.

July 12, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Finding Yourself in Transition: The Paradox, Process & Passage

It is our desire for something better that brings change. However, that change does not always come the way we picture it. When the 13 colonies broke free from Britain, they had no idea what would become of them. So it is with all transition to something new and better.

July 19, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Finding Yourself in Transition: The Journey

To begin a journey, something else must end. Sometimes we choose the journey and other times we are thrust into it, perhaps even finding ourselves wandering in the wilderness. Yet it is all a part of the journey.  

July 26, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Finding Yourself in Transition: New Beginnings

Beyond the ending and the void there is a New Beginning. The divine plan unfolds before us leading the way to Truth and we courageously follow.

August 2, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

What is Unity?

A church is not brick and mortar nor is it the organized doctrine of religion. It is the unification of all persons in a consciousness of Truth. Unity did not begin as a church. It began as a practical application of the teachings of Jesus Christ to enhance what people were already getting from their churches. The ideas shared grew in such a way that people wanted more and left their traditional churches to follow the Unity teachings. “The true church is not made of creeds and forms, nor is it contained in walls of wood and stone; the heart of man is its temple and the Spirit of truth is the one guide into all Truth.” Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, Charles Fillmore

August 9, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

The Power of Vision

What kind of lens are you viewing the world through? How does this vision align with your intentions for this year? Is it perhaps time to change out your old lenses for a clearer vision of yourself and your path?

August 16, 2020 – Missy O’Brien

Music Sunday

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August 23, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Playful and Free

How would your life be different if you began each day with the phrase “I live life playful, free and unrestrained!” As children of God we are made to live life this way and we can if we would unveil our face to see life in the light of Truth.

August 30, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

A Journey of the Soul – Rahab Reflects New Life

Rahab was a harlot. She symbolizes the misuse of our life faculty from sense consciousness. Yet we can also see her as representing the lifting up of the life faculty within us. What can we learn from the life of Rahab?

September 6, 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Your Prosperous Career in CPA

Creative Positive Attitude is essential to the balance, well-being and abundance we experience in life. Our life experiences have everything to do with our creative minds and the attitude in which we use them.

September 13, 2020 – Rev.  Rebecca Galati

What We Resist, Persists, and Blocks our Vision

In acceptance, we see the world as it really is. In resistance, we expect to change the past. It takes little effort to feel spiritual when life unfolds according to our desires and wishes. But what do we do when it doesn’t?

September 20 2020 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Are You a Seeker or a Finder?

We often refer to one another as “Truth seekers”. Perhaps for many of us it would be more appropriate to say we are “Truth finders”. A seeker is looking for something. A finder has already found it. Are you a seeker or a finder?

September 27, 2020 – The Board Speaks

I Live My Truth

Join the Board of Directors as they share with you their insights and wrap up our annual theme in preparation for a new Adventure in Faith.