Sunday Talk Titles

April 7 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
“Growth is Part of the God Plan”
This is one of our church values. What does it mean and how does living it contribute to the vision and mission of our church?

April 14 – Rev. Rebecca Galati             
Your Source of Unlimited Strength
Come celebrate Palm Sunday and the strength of the Christ, which is your strength to overcome and accomplish all that is yours to do.

April 21 – Rev. Rebecca Galati – Easter Sunday
Resurrecting from the Tomb

As we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death let us also celebrate our own daily “resurrections” as we strive to reach Christ consciousness.

April 28 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Embracing the Shadow
There are parts of ourselves that we like to keep in the shadows; things that we don’t want others to know or see; things that even we don’t like to acknowledge. Our shadow self always walks in darkness. Perhaps it’s time to take a look and shed a little light on the shadow.

May 5 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Rejection = Redirection
How often in life have you felt rejected, dejected and just plain discouraged? Maybe it is time for a new perspective. Perhaps the rejection you feel is simply because you are not where you belong.

May 12 – Rev. Rebecca Galati        
Honoring “Mama Myrtle” – Mother of Unity
Myrtle Fillmore is often referred to as the Mother of Unity. Come hear about her life, how she helped co-found the Unity Movement, and how she earned and lived up to the endearment “Mother of Unity.”
“You do not have a problem except the one that is in your own mind, and you put it there!” – Myrtle Fillmore

May 19 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Are you Living Life on Autopilot?
It’s so easy to go on autopilot. We live in a world of automation including automatic reaction rather than thoughtful action. We need to turn off the autopilot, take a breath and think! We need to make conscious decisions and then take conscious action!

May 26 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
The Greatest Sacrifice
Memorial Day is a time for remembering the fallen and honoring the sacrifice they made for God and country. It’s a time for us to remember with love and thanksgiving the sacrifice of the families they left for us to care for.
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

June 2 – Board Speaks
“Excellence Honors God”

This is one of our church values. What does it mean and how does living it contribute to the vision and mission of our church?

June 9  – Rev. Carmen Venus Baerga
From Supernatural to Natural
No, it is not about super heroes. This lesson is about the link of imagination and faith with that that is “supernatural” in us. Please join me in exploring this wonder-full teaching that our co-founder Charles Fillmore taught in his book Atom-Smashing Power of the Mind: “When the trillions of cells in one´s body are aroused to expectancy by spiritual faith, a positive spiritual contact results and marvelous transformations take place.”

June 16 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Honoring “Papa
Charles Fillmore was lovingly referred to as “Papa Charley.” Come learn about his life and his journey as co-founder of the Unity Movement.
It is the law of Spirit that we must be that which we would draw to us. If we would draw to us love, we must be love, be loving and kind; if we would have peace and harmony in our environment, we must establish it within ourselves.– Charles Fillmore

June 23 – Rev. Rebecca Galati          
Where God Guides, God Provides
Have you ever gotten that nagging feeling inside that says you are supposed to do something? You know, the one you like to ignore or pretend isn’t there because, “Really, How am I going to accomplish that?!” Perhaps it is time to sit down, shut up, and listen! Where God guides, God provides!

June 30 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Life’s a Joy-ney!
Life is a journey of ups and downs, right turns and seemingly wrong turns, joys and sorrows. How can we stay on the path of gladness so that our journey of life may become a true joy-ney?