Sunday Talk Titles

July 7, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Prayer – The Original Wireless Connection
Prayer connects us with the Truth of our being. It is not for us to ask or persuade God to do something for us, but for us to understand that the presence and power of God lies within us as our power to manifest the desires of our heart for ourselves.

July 14, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Where is the Silence?
We often talk about sitting in the Silence, yet many of us seem to have a hard time finding it! Nothing around us is quiet and our brain just won’t stop to rest. What is the Silence anyway, and where can we find it?

July 21, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Tending to the Garden of the Soul
How are you tending to the garden of your soul? This time of year our garden came become overrun by weeds if we don’t keep up with it. Is yours being overrun by “a jungle of growth that chokes out more beneficial growth?” Time for some weed eliminator!

July 28, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Do You Live in a “Color by Number” World?
Children pay no attention to color by number keys. They faithfully follow their intuition and imagination to color outside the lines without a second thought. Perhaps if we dared to live life “as a little child” the kingdom of God would present itself now!

August 4, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Getting Back to Basics
Sometimes we can get so caught up in life’s complicated details that we lose sight of our Truth! Perhaps it’s time to get still and get back to some basic Unity Principles for a fresh new perspective. Join us for this refreshing reminder of Truth!

August 11, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Breaking Up with F.E.A.R.
What would you do without any fear in your life at all? Fear only keeps us down, makes us weak and tells us lies. Fear has been known to have a reputation of being False Emotions Appearing Real! Maybe it’s time to break off your relationship with Fear and get in touch with your True Identity!

August 18, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
You Can’t Take it with You…Or Can You?
This popular idiom serves as a warning against materialism and alludes to the fact that you can’t take your money or possessions with you when you die. But what if we looked at it from a metaphysical point of view?

August 25, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
You are a Vineyard of Possibility!
Vineyards produce fruit which we then use to make the “wine of life.” But how do we grow the best fruit to get the best wine and the best life?

September 1, 2019    – Rev. Rebecca Galati
Celebrating Your Labor Day
Labor Day is a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. What contributions have you made toward the strength, prosperity and well-being of your country, and what does that mean for your individual spiritual growth?

September 8, 2019    – Rev.  Rebecca Galati
In Pursuit of CPE’s
It’s ‘Back to School’ time! In Truth, ‘school’ is every day. We all need to have our CPE’s as we move upward in a progressive movement to the next level of consciousness, and to enhance our experience of living, loving and learning. Do you have yours?

September 15, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
“The Lost Matter to God”
This is one of our church values. What does it mean and how does living it contribute to the vision and mission of our church?

September 22, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati
“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”
In our day-to-day lives there are so many little things that we let frustrate us. What if this is the stuff we can use to look at the bigger picture and count our blessings!

September 29, 2019 – The Board Speaks
I Commune With God
Join our Board of Directors as they wrap up this year’s Adventure in Faith theme, “I Commune with God”