Sunday Talk Titles

January 6, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Letter to My God-Self

Each year we write a “Letter to God,” yet we know that God lives, moves and has its Being within us as well as all around us. So, what’s with this letter? God does not do anything for you that cannot be done through you, therefore, this letter is to God in you as a way of checking-in mid-year to see how your intentions are evolving!


January 13, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

You Can’t Spell CHAlleNGE Without CHANGE!

When life meets you with a challenge, how do you handle it? Do you dig your feet in and cross your arms? If you are going to rise to the CHAlleNGE you have to be prepared to CHANGE!


January 20, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

You Have God’s DNA

DNA is the genetic material of life. It is very stable because it is made of two complementary strands and the bases that connect them. Since we are made in the image and likeness of God, the source of all life, we must have God’s DNA!

January 27, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

“Fullness of Life Comes Through Service”

This is one of our church values. What does it mean, how can we live it, and how can living it change our lives?


February 3, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

“Follow the Yellow Brick Road”

What does the yellow brick road look like in your life? And how does it symbolize your journey on a path of transformation? Join us as we rediscover “the kingdom” with Dorothy and Toto on a metaphysical journey through Oz.


February 10, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Toto Knows!

And a little dog shall lead them! It seems that at every turn Toto causes some issue, or does he? Perhaps when we take a closer look we will see that Toto holds a very important key to our journey!


February 17, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Stuck on a Pole Like a Scarecrow

How often do we feel stuck in life? And yet when the crossroads of opportunity come along we can’t decide which way to go. If only we had more knowledge or were better equipped to make a decision then we would know what to do!


February 24, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

“Oil Can!”

Like the Tin Man, when the rains of life come we can get rusted into place. We can become discouraged by doubt and fear and our heart just isn’t in it anymore, so we become immobilized on our journey. Perhaps all we need is a little anointing of love to get us moving again. “Oil can!”

March 3, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

“If I only Had the Nerve!”

What can a Cowardly Lion teach us about courage? “True courage is not bravado. It is not “nerve,” nor is it indifference to suffering. Courage is not generally estimated at its true value, because we do not understand its spiritual quality.”True courage, Charles Fillmore


March 10, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Which Witch?

On our journey we are faced with many challenges. All that we need to face them is within us, yet many times we let the fear and doubt of our alter ego get in our way. Which Witch will you follow?


March 17, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

“There’s No Place Like Home”

We can all create the life of our heart’s desire when we learn to accept our own spiritual essence and power. Then we can find our way home with the understanding that is was within us all the time.


March 24, 2019 – Past Presidents

Let Go and Let God

How often do we use the phrase, “Let go and let God?” in either our own lives, or when offering advice to a friend or loved one?  What does it mean to let go and let God, and how is it accomplished?


March 31, 2019 – Rev. Rebecca Galati

Giving from Your Mess-age

We all have little and big messes in our lives and how we handle them is a message to the world. What mess-age are you giving?